Welcome To Aakriti Montessori School

The beauty of Montessori is that it is the right "fit" for children with a wide array of personalities, temperaments, and learning styles. All children find joy in learning in an atmosphere of both cooperation and respect. The Montessori method works for families with a range of learning expectations. At our school, the teachers and parents work together, between home and school, to help the children learn and develop to their fullest potential. The choice of how your child will be educated during their formative years is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding your child's future. Plan a visit to The Montessori School, where both the educational approach and the student body are Creative, Caring, Confident.

Please Watch Montessori Education vs Conventional school

What is Montessori Education ?

"We discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being. It is not acquired by listening to words, but in virtue of experiences in which the child acts on his environment."-Dr. Maria Montessori

Why Should You Choose Aakriti Montessori ?

Aakriti Montessori School adheres strictly to the educational methods of Dr. Maria Montessori. The Montessori method is based on scientific research and observation and developmental psychology to help children develop superior social and academic skills. Through this method, students develop into highly capable adults, prepared for the real world.

A Day In Aakriti

Montessori life takes place in much the same way it takes place in any community-students work, play, eat, rest and interact with each other. And like any other community, daily life at Aakriti Montessori School includes more than work.